Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dirty little whirlwind

My name is Chris Jay and I am a dirty little whirlwind caught up in the flesh of a boy.

Since the last time I posted:

1) A drunk guy at Conchita's birthday party unknowingly provided me with the perfect ending for "It All Adds Up," a 25-page short story that I have been writing for 5 years. This may sound insignificant to anyone who does not know me, but let me assure you: This is huge. I believe that, in forlorn futures, I may look back on my life in terms of before I finished "It All Adds Up" VS. after I finished it.

2) I have fallen in love with the films of "The Archers": Powell and Pressberger, the team of British filmmakers who made "The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp." Want your life changed twice in one weekend? Netflix "Colonel Blimp" and "I KNow Where I'm Going!," and watch both back to back.

3) I worked 210 hours in three weeks. BAAALLLLLLINNNNNNNN. And I'm sorry, haters, but I loved every minute of it. Youtube video of KTBS 3 calling me a "very important man" to come, promise.

4) I somehow managed to fall more in love with the new TV On The Radio album.

5) I somehow managed to fall more in love with my girlfriend.

6) I met one of my favorite stand-up comics, Josh Blue, who asked me if I was the dude who starred in "Half Nelson." The timing of said wisecrack could not have been more perfect.


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